Colonia Fund - Construction (CFC)


TDA is pleased to announce the Application to Prequalify Grant Administrators for the 2017-2018 CFC cycle. This modification to the procurement process is intended to simplify the steps for local communities, and to establish the grant team early in the process. Applications to Prequalify Grant Administrators must be received by May 1, 2017, in order to be eligible to administer a 2017-18 CFC grant. 

The pilot release includes:

* Request for Qualifications. This document provides guidance for administrative firms wishing to provide administrative services for the CFC grant cycle.  Click HERE for this document.

* Application for Pre-qualification form. This fillable form must be submitted by participating administrative service providers. Click HERE for this document.

* DRAFT Phase 2 solicitation forms.  These draft forms demonstrate the basic expectations for a community's role during the second phase of this procurement method. No action is necessary for Phase Two until TDA releases the Prequalified List and final forms. Click HERE for this document.

* Pilot at a glance. This one page summary of the pilot may answer initial questions about the overall process. Click HERE for this document.

Addendum 1 Questions and Answers from Applicants. Click HERE for this document. 

Fund Name:

Colonia Fund - Construction

Fund Acronym:



The Colonia Fund - Construction provides eligible applicants with grants to fund water and wastewater improvements, housing rehabilitation for low- to moderate-income households, the payment of assessments levied against properties owned and occupied by persons of low and moderate income to recover the capital cost for a public improvement and other improvements including street paving and drainage.

Eligible Applicants:

This fund is available to eligible county applicants for projects in severely distressed unincorporated areas which meet the definition as a “colonia” under this fund. Eligible areas are units of general local government limited to nonentitlement areas (with the exception of Hidalgo County) located within 150 miles of the Texas-Mexico border.

The term “colonia” means any identifiable unincorporated community that is determined to be a colonia on the basis of objective criteria, including lack of potable water supply, lack of adequate sewage systems, and lack of decent, safe, and sanitary housing; and was in existence as a colonia before the date of the enactment of the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act (November 28, 1990).

Except for fund categories where additional restrictions apply, a county can only submit applications on behalf of eligible colonia areas located within 150 miles of the Texas-Mexico border region, except that any county that is part of a standard metropolitan statistical area with a population exceeding 1,000,000 is not eligible under this fund.

Award Amounts

Awards are made on a biennial basis through a competitive process among eligible counties
Awards range from a minimum of $75,000 to a maximum of $500,000

Evaluation and Selection

Application evaluation and scoring criteria may include, but is not limited to:
1) Benefit to low- to moderate-income persons
2) Community distress
3) Matching funds
4) Past performance
5) Project design
6) Project priorities

Application and Guide: