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Welcome to the employment page of the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA).  Job postings are listed below and on TDA - CAPPS Careers. All applicants must submit a completed State of Texas application, at no time will a resume be accepted in lieu of a State of Texas Application. In order to facilitate a review of your qualifications and application, please include all information requested, e.g. education, experience, previous compensation, reasons for leaving, and other information - do not leave any field blank. Completed applications for employment and other required or supporting documents can be submitted through TDA - CAPPS Careers.

Internal Job Postings: TDA - CAPPS Careers - Internal

All job postings close as of 11:59 PM (CST) on the closing date of the job. 

Equal Employment Opportunity: 
The Texas Department of Agriculture is an equal opportunity employer (EEO) and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, disability, religion, gender, national origin, age sexual orientation, veteran’s status or protected activity. TDA provides accommodations for persons with disabilities in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act.  If you need help with the employment process or require other accommodations, please contact the Human Resources office for assistance at (512) 463-7454.

Veterans and Former Foster Child Employment Preference:
The Texas Department of Agriculture complies with the provisions of the veterans and former foster child employment preference acts. Please contact our Human Resources-Veterans Liaison at (512) 463-7454, by fax at (800) 380-1559 or by email at TDAJobs@TexasAgriculture.gov for assistance.

TDA participates in E-Verify and will provide the Social Security Administration and, if necessary, the Department of Homeland Security, with information from each new employee's Form I-9 to confirm work authorization.
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 Thank you for your interest in employment with TDA.

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How to Apply for Internships

TDA Job Postings

Job Number Job Title Salary Location Closing Date
22-58973-1 Accountant (Continuous Posting) B17, $3,250-$3,550.00/MO. Austin TX
22-61367-2R Administrative Financial Review Specialist (School Operations - FSMC) B21, $4,950.00-$5,250.00/MO. Statewide TX 5/26/2022
22-59151-3R Administrative Review Specialist-TRAINEE* (Community Operations Section) (Continuous Posting) B18, $4356.25/MO Statewide TX
22-57564-2R Administrator for Food and Nutrition B28, $9,600-$11,300.00/MO Austin TX 5/25/2022
22-57883-1 Agriculture & Consumer Protection Inspector (Internal Posting - Open to Current TDA Employees Only B13, $3650.00/MO. Gaines, Dawson, Borden, Scurry, Andrews, Martin, Howard, Mitchell, Winkler, Ector, Midland, Glasscock, Ward, Crane, or Upton County TX 5/24/2022
22-60049-1 Agriculture & Consumer Protection Inspector (Internal Posting - Open to Current TDA Employees Only B13, $3650.00/MO. Nolan, Taylor, Callahan, Shackelford, Jones, Fisher, Stonewall, Haskell, Runnels, Coleman Counties TX 5/24/2022
22-57130-1 Agriculture & Consumer Protection Inspector (Internal Posting - Open to Current TDA Employees Only B13, $3,650.00/MO. Oldham, Deaf Smith, Armstrong, Carson, Moore, Briscoe, Potter, Randall, Parmer, Castro, Gray, Donley or Swisher Counties TX 5/24/2022
22-57120-1 Agriculture & Consumer Protection Inspector (Internal Posting - Open to Current TDA Employees Only B13, $3650.00/MO. Potter, Randall, Moore, Swisher, Carson, Armstrong, Deaf Smith, Parmer or Oldham Counties TX 5/24/2022
22-57134-1 Assistant Accounting Director B26, $7,500- $8,334.00/MO. Austin TX
22-57268-1 Budget Analyst (3 Vacancies - Posted until filled) B23, $5,666-$6,250.00/MO. Austin TX
22-57910-5R Case Preparation Officer (Continuous Posting) B17, $3,150.00/MO; B18, $3,350/MO; B19, $3,550.00/MO. Austin TX
22-58126-1 CDBG Grants Specialist (Continuous Posting) B20, $4,300.0$4,500.00/MO. Austin TX
22-60923-3R Food & Nutrition - Lead Accountant for F&N Business Operations B23, $5,900-6,400.00/MO Statewide TX 5/26/2022
22-61349-1R Food & Nutrition ESC Senior Support Specialist 5,800-$6,200.00/MO Statewide TX 5/26/2022
22-61375-2R Food & Nutrition Procurement Specialist B16, $3,500.00-$4,100.00/MO Statewide TX 5/24/2022
22-57278-1R General Ledger Accountant B21, $5,000 - $5,600.00/MO Austin TX 5/24/2022
22-57587-1R General Ledger Accountant B21, $5,000 - $5,600.00/MO Austin TX 5/24/2022
22-58216-6R Grants Specialist B18, $3,725-$4,000.00/MO. Austin TX
22-61381-2R Senior Policy Analyst B23, $5,800-$6,200.00/MO Statewide TX 5/26/2022