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Inclement Weather Hotline

Procedures applicable to all facilities

Any closure at any facility requires, in addition to notification of the supervisory chain and affected workforce, notification by email to Operational Support, Human Resources, Payroll, and TDA’s Communications Division. Please keep in mind the following weather closure-related TDA policies:

  • The final decision on the appropriateness of any weather closure or delayed opening rests solely with the TDA Deputy Commissioner.
  • Supervisors in such an instance will be subsequently instructed by Human Resources how to code leave for employees whose assignment cannot be carried out by telework. For employees that have jobs that do not lend themselves to teleworking, it is imperative that supervisors provide a good list of such employees and the total time needed – all will be coded in CAPPS HR with the Emergency Leave – Weather option. Note: Emergency Leave can only be entered by HR, so that is why HR will need from supervisors an accurate list of employees proposed to be approved for this type of leave.

Austin-based TDA employees

TDA headquarters employees in SFA and the Austin warehouse should arrange to be able to contact your supervisors regarding inclement weather closures. Austin employees should monitor their state email but may also telephone the TDA inclement weather hotline: (512) 463‑4040.

TDA employees outside of Austin

Closures of TDA facilities outside of Austin will be managed by the regional director or at the facilities manager level. If a field office, laboratory, export pen facility or other facility in the state other than Austin has inclement weather affecting operations, the regional director (or manager of the facility or program) should notify their supervisory chain and seek approval from the Deputy Commissioner for any closure and notify their affected workforce of such decisions.


Thursday, February 2, 2023 Update

The Texas Department of Agriculture Austin headquarters will resume normal operations at the start of business on Friday, February 3rd.

Wednesday, February 1, 2023 Update

Due to the AISD announcement that schools will be closed tomorrow, and the widespread sporadic electrical outages in the Austin area today, coupled with potentially hazardous weather conditions still affecting roadways into the early morning hours on Thursday, TDA Austin headquarters will have optional in-person staffing on Thursday, February 2, 2023. Supervisors are authorized to allow employees on Thursday to telework. Please anticipate a return to normal operations on Friday, February 3rd. Check your TDA email for updates that may occur.