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Jason Fearneyhough, Deputy Agriculture Commissioner

Jason Fearneyhough has spent his entire career serving as an advocate for agriculture and steward of the land. He joined the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) in January 2015 and serves as TDA’s Deputy Commissioner of Agriculture under Commissioner Sid Miller. As Deputy Commissioner, Fearneyhough assists with the day-to-day management of 650 TDA employees, and works to promote and enhance Texas’ $115 billion agriculture industry.

Prior to TDA, Fearneyhough was the Director of the Wyoming Department of Agriculture (WDA). He was honored to serve in the top agriculture post in his home state of Wyoming. At WDA, Fearneyhough served in a variety of capacities prior to holding the top spot, including as Deputy Commissioner, Livestock and Commodities Marketing Specialist, and Technical Services Inspector.

Fearneyhough also is an entrepreneur and private business owner. He is the founder of JTF Consulting, a company that specializes in natural resource issues, building government and public relationships, agriculture development, community development and marketing solutions for small businesses.

He also worked with the Wyoming Business Council as a Livestock and Forage Marketing Program Manager. For 20 years, Fearneyhough served as an auctioneer for various fundraising events, where he helped raise money for charity and scholarships.

Fearneyhough earned a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Communications and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Wyoming (UW). He is married with two children, enjoys the outdoors and loves the Cowboys… as in the UW Cowboys!