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Image of Car with a Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is one of the most central parts of the holiday season. It is a part of the season that brings us together as we gather with family and friends to decorate it with colorful lights and ornaments. It also keeps us together as we gather around it again to open gifts or participate in other holiday traditions. So why would we settle for anything but the best when it comes to this important part of our holiday? The freshest, most beautiful trees you can buy are grown right here in the Lone Star State.

Texas Christmas tree farms offer many different sizes and varieties that suit your décor. Many also create garlands or wreaths to enhance your decorating made from clippings right off the farm. Most of these tree farms offer you the option of choosing and cutting your tree or picking one that has been pre-cut for you. Plus, most will also shake your tree to remove loose needles, and bale and wrap your tree for easy transport.

Holiday activities are a great time to forget about all the other things that life brings our way each day. Why not include choosing a fresh Christmas tree as part of your holiday? Our Texas Christmas tree farms offer your entire family a chance to escape the routine. Many of these farms will offer special events and activities for your whole family. Whether it’s a hayride to the field, a visit with a special holiday someone, or just time away from it all to walk along the trails and enjoy the beauty of the Lone Star State around you there is something for everyone. Yes, many of our farms even allow your four-legged family members to join you!

Be sure to look at the information provided on each farm’s website or Facebook page to find detailed information about hours, availability, and other family activities they may offer. Some farms offer other seasonal activities like pumpkin patches, sunflower festivals, and more to start other traditions with your family too!

Remember to choose a fresh Texas Christmas tree and support Texas farms because “Texas Agriculture Matters”!

Click HERE for a list of Texas Christmas tree growers!

Five pictures of Christmas trees