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Distinctly Texas Agriculture: Texas Made. Texas Bold.

They say that everything is bigger in Texas This is especially true when speaking about agriculture. Texas leads the United States in number of farms and ranches accounting for nearly 250,000 in the state which cover over 51 million hectares of land. 93% of Texas farms and ranches are family-owned and -operated, and one in seven working Texans are in an agriculture-related job. Texas families pass down the legacy of agriculture to their children on their family farms, creating a longstanding tradition of producing high quality, safe agriculture products a way of life.


The size of the state coupled with its varied climates and soil composition creates an optimal environment for producing a variety of food, fiber, and other crops throughout the year. Given the geography of Texas, its sustainability story is one that is inspired and driven by nature itself. Texas farmers' and ranchers’ pasture and range land support healthy habitats for wildlife, pollinators, fish, and a wide variety of native plant, animal, and insect species. With its unique combination of location, the largest U.S. rail and roadway infrastructure, 16 seaports, 26 commercial airports, a highly skilled workforce, and the infrastructure and logistics support needed to get products around the world rapidly, you’ll find doing business with Texas producers to be reliable global partners.

Texas Producers

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Texas Producers 

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There’s Always Something in Season in Texas

With its diverse climates and land, Texas produces many agricultural commodities to fill seasonal gaps around the world. Texas is among the top 10 producers in the U.S. for more than 40 major commodities. 

Here’s a look at a few of the top commodities:


Accounting for over 50% of the state’s agricultural products, beef cattle production dominates the landscape in Texas. Ranking second in the U.S. for total beef exports, Texas is home to 13 million cattle. Ranching is rich in tradition and the Texas cattle industry has made great strides in adapting to economic, environmental, and consumer changes. Range and pasture management practices benefit pollinators, wildlife, and waterways. Improved genetics, animal health programs, and supporting consumer-driven preferences such as grass-fed, all-natural and organic beef have helped cattle remain king in Texas.


Texas has long been known for dairy production, ranking fourth in the U.S. and fifth in the United States for the number of dairy cows with nearly 600,000. Most Texas dairies are in the panhandle of the state, where low humidity levels helps improve milk production and fertility. Similar to beef cattle production, Texas dairy producers are committed to the sustainability of their operations, by implementing best management practices including water conservation and recycling practices, developing on-farm biodigester and utilizing renewable energy sources.


Pecans are the only major tree nut native to the U.S. and Texas is the top producer among states where the pecan tree originated. Whether pecan trees are planted in orchards or growing along rivers throughout the state, collection of pecans began over 1,000 years ago. Today, Texas harvests both native and improved varieties. Many Texas pecans are grown and harvested by family farms throughout Texas that have been passed down multiple generations, preserving proven methods of shelling and harvesting that preserves the quality and integrity of the nut for consumers to enjoy.

Beer, Wine & Spirits

Did you know Texas is approximately the size of France? Although Texas had a small group of wineries before Prohibition begin in 1920, only one winery survived through the dry years. The Texas wine industry didn’t truly start making a comeback until the early 1990’s making the industry relatively young in the state. Despite its young statud, Texas wines are gaining national and international recognition. Each year, the month of October is Texas Wine Month, and is a time to celebrate bountiful harvest and wine produced from over 400 wineries in the stateTexas is home to over 36 members of the Vitis grapevine family, 15 of which are native to the state (more than any other region on earth). With ideal geography, soils and climate for growing exceptional wine grapes, Texas offers a wide diversity from warm-climate Mediterranean varieties to cooler-climate grapes that enjoy the state’s higher elevations. A couple wine varieties gaining recognition in the state include Tannat and Viognier.