Texas Livestock

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Cattle is King

Texas is home to 13 million cattle and calves, ranking it first in the United States in total cattle numbers. We also have the broadest spectrum of producers and variation in production environments. The beef cattle industry is by far the largest sector in the Texas agriculture industry.

With cattle that can perform across a variety of climates, and some breeds that were developed in the Lone Star State, there is a lot of potential for Texas genetics to help influence your herd's performance. 

Whether you are interested in exporting live animals or securing genetic/genomic material, like semen or embryos, there are a variety of ranches and genetics companies that can work with you to determine what breed and animals will help you meet your breeding and reproductive goals. 

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Livestock Genetics and Embryos

Though raising livestock has been a worldwide industry since the dawn of civilization, the industry of improving livestock genetics using semen straws and embryo transfer is still in its infancy. The Texas livestock industry has evolved to meet the needs of industry to become a world leader in the relatively young field of livestock genetics and embryos. Utilizing the state’s ample supply of high-quality genetic donors, Texas breeders have gained recognition as a premier source for genetic material in many livestock operations globally. Whether a rancher is looking to improve their herd’s size, meat quality, or heat tolerance, Texas producers have a genetic solution for your herd.

The Texas Department of Agriculture supports the growth of this industry and can assist interested international livestock producers in identifying appropriate breed associations, individual breeders, and programs to support your livestock needs. In addition to supporting connections, TDA International hosts international breeders and guests at various Texas sponsored livestock shows through out the year. These shows are great opportunities to see live cattle, meet breeders, and make business connections.


Beyond Cattle

While Texas dominates in cattle production, Texas livestock is not limited to beef and dairy cattle. Texas also has its hand in equine, swine, goat, sheep, and poultry production as well. Click the links below to explore more of Texas Livestock.

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