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Implementation Manual, Forms and Appendices

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Click HERE for TxCDBG Modified Procedures (Updated 9/2/2020) for Public Hearings, Construction/Labor Standards, Environmental Review, Grant Contract Closeout and Income Surveys in Response to Public Health Emergency COVID-19. These Modified Procedures are effective through January 31, 2023. All actions taken after that date must comply with the current TxCDBG Implementation Manual.

These forms may be updated as needed.
    FINAL 2022


FINAL 2023

 Effective  1/1/2023

Complete TxCDBG Implementation Manual (Select forms are ONLY available below)     Download
Chapter Form No. Form Description      
Table of Contents       
Acronym List      
Section A Community Development Program Overview      
TDA-GO Reference Documents      
Technical Assistance    TDA-GO Support Ticket Form (CDBG)   Click HERE    
System Overview    Introduction to TDA-GO   Download   
     TDA-GO Website Link   TDA-GO!  
     Roles and Definitions   Download  
     From Forms to TDA-GO Procedures   Download   
         VISUAL AID    Grant Timeline: Am I On The Right Track?   Download   
Navigation    How to Navigate the Blue Tools Menu in TDA-GO   Download    
Organization & User Setup    How to Register New Users and Organizations   Download  
     How to Setup the Dashboard   Download   
     Prepare for Transitions in Leadership:
 How to Update the Mayor or Authorized Official
     How to Add or Change a Role   Download  
Document Access    How to Add Users to a Grant Document   Download
View Tutorial
Application Basics    How to Initiate a Grant Application in TDA-GO   Download  
     How to Find a Grant Application in TDA-GO   Download  
     How to Submit an Application (Video Instructions)   View Tutorial  
     Responsibilities by Status   Download   
TDA-GO Process    TDA-GO Checklist *UPDATED*   Download  
Key Actions    How to View and Execute a Grant Agreement    Download
View Tutorial 
     How to Complete the Grant Overview Page   Download   
Chapter 1 Administration and Reporting    Download Download
     How to Initiate, Complete, and Submit a Grant Application   Download   
     How to Complete and Submit Performance Reports   Download  
     How to Navigate the Pre-Award Process *NEW*   Download  
  A100 Authorized Signatories   Download  
  A101 Affidavit of Posting - Citizen Participation Public Hearing   Download  
  A102 Administrative Activities Checklist   Download   
  A103 Filing System Guide   Download   
     Engineer Certification Form   Download
Chapter 2 Financial Management    Download Download
     How to Submit a Payment Request   Download  
     How to Use a PR to Make a Balance Adjustment   Coming soon!   
  A207 Acceptable Back-up Documentation for Eligible Costs   Download   
  A208  TxCDBG Match Calculator   Download   
  A209  Direct Deposit Form 74-176   Download   
Chapter 3 Environmental Review   Download Download
     ER Levels EA & CEST Timeline    Download  
   A301  Exemption from SHPO Review   Download  
  A309 Summary of Levels of Environmental Review & Documentation Required in ERR   Download  
  A310  Sample Affidavit of Posting - Environmental   See A101   
Chapter 4 Contract Special Conditions   Download Download

  See How to Complete the Grant Overview Page (in reference docs above)      
Chapter 5 Procurement Procedures   Download Download
    How to Initiate, Complete and Submit an MSR   Download  
    How to Complete and Submit a Change Order   Download   
    Legacy Grants & Change Orders/COCC Tutorial   Watch Video   
  A504 Small Purchase Procurement Record   Download  
  A506 Request for Project-Specific Proposal Form   Download   
  A507 Response from Service Provider Form   Download  
  A508 Evaluation of Proposals Form   Download  
     Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) TxCDBG Conflict of Interest Provisions   Download   
Chapter 6 Acquisition    Download Download
  A602 HUD Appendix 30 - Guideform - Notice to Owner Involuntary Acquisition   Download   
  A603 HUD Appendix 31 - Guideform - Voluntary Acquisition Informational Notice - Agencies w/o E.D.   Download  
  A604 HUD Appendix 32 - Voluntary Acquisition Informational Notice - Agencies with E.D.   Download   
  A605 Sample Notice of Agreement to Donate   Download   
  A606 Sample Notice to Owner for Donations of Easements and Rights of Way   Download   
  A607 Sample Just Compensation Determination Statement   Download   
  A608 Sample Owner Release Form for Donated Property   Download   
  A609 Sample Written Purchase Offer   Download  
  A610 Administrative Settlement Guide   Download   
Chapter 7 Davis-Bacon Labor Standards   Download Download
     See How to Complete the Grant Overview Page (in reference docs above)      
     See How to Initiate, Complete and Submit an MSR (in Ch. 5 above)      
  A704 Pre-construction Conference Report   Download   
  A705 Request for Additional Classification and Rate   Download   
  A707 Record of Employee Interview   Download    
  A708 Sample DOL Payroll Form   Download   
  A711 Davis-Bacon Coverage Chart   Download   
  A712 Notice of Payroll Violation   Download    
  A713  Notice of Determination to Assess Liquidated Damages   Download   
Chapter 8 Force Account Labor   Download Download
     How to Request Force Account Methods   Download   
  A800 Force Account Times Sheet   Download  
  A807 Certificate of Construction Completion for Force Account   Download   
  A808 Request to Use Force Account Labor   Download   
Chapter 9 [RESERVED]      
Chapter 10 Civil Rights Requirements    Download Download
     See How to Complete and Submit Performance Reports (in Ch. 3 above)      
     See How to Complete the Grant Overview Page (in reference docs above)      
  A1002 Sample Code of Conduct     Download   
  A1003 Sample Excessive Force Policy   Download   
  A1004 Sample Section 504 Policy Against Discrimination based on Handicap and Grievance Procedure   Download   
  A1005 Sample Notices - Civil Rights   Download  
  A1006 Section 504 Self-Evaluation Form   Download  
  A1007 Sample Fair Housing Month Proclamation   Download   
  A1009 Sample Fair Housing Public Service Announcement   Download   
  A1013 Sample Citizen Participation Plan   Download  
  A1014 Sample Resolution Regarding Civil Rights   Download   
  A1015 Sample Fair Housing Policy   Download  
  A1016 Civil Rights Responsibilities Checklist   Download   
  A1021 Sample Section 3 Service Area (Updated 8/17/21)   Download  
  A1022 Employer Certification Form (Excel version) Updated 8/23/22   Download  
  A1023 Certification as Section 3 Business   Download   
  A1024 Section 3 Sample Presentation to Local Community   Download   
Chapter 11 Contract Amendments    Download Download
     How to Initiate and Complete an Amendment Request   Download  
     How to Cancel an Amendment Request   Download   
Chapter 12 Contract Closeout   Download Download
    How to Complete the Closeout Process   Download
Video Tutorial
Chapter 13 Monitor Review   Download Download
    How to Complete and Submit Monitoring Documentation   Download  
    TDA-GO Monitoring Workflow - Responsibility by Status *NEW*   Download  
  A1302 Support Documentation for Monitoring Review    View/Download   
  A1303 Self Monitoring - Instructions for Reviewers *NEW*   Download  
Chapter 14 Audit Requirements   Download Download
    How to OCSAR   Download  
  A1402 Sample Request for Proposals for Audit Services   Download  
    Policy Issuance 22-01 OCSAR   Download  
Section B Planning   Download Download
  B2 Sample Filing System Guide for Planning Projects   Download   
  B4 Sample Public Advertisement for Planning Services   Download   
  B5 Sample Request for Proposals, Cover Letter   Download   
  B6 Sample Request for Proposals for Planning Services   Download   
  B7 Sample Proposal Rating Sheet for Planning Services   Download   
  B10 Sample Public Hearing Notice   Download   
  B13 Planning Monitoring Checklist   Download   
Section C Housing Rehabilitation    Download Download
  C2 Sample Housing Rehabilitation Guidelines   Download   
  C2a Status of Compliance with Lead-Based Paint Regulations   Download   
  C2b Certification of Lead-Based Paint Exemption   Download   
  C3 Housing Rehabilitation Work Write-up and Cost Estimate Worksheet   Download  
  C4 Housing Rehabilitation Change Order Request Approval   Download   
  C5 Housing Rehabilitation Payment Request   Download  
  C6 Housing Rehabilitation Case File Review   Download   
  C7 Summary of Major Lead-Based Paint Regulations   Download   
  C8 Home Inspector Qualification Certification   Download   
  C9 Sample Release of Lien   Download   
Section C Part II OSSF Download     
  CII2 Sample OSSF Guidelines   Download  
  CII2.A Yardline Assistance Guidelines Template   Download  
  CII3 OSSF Checklist   Download  
  CII504 OSSF Small Purchase Procurement Record   Download  
  CII505 Construction Contract Change Order   Download   
  CII709 Certificate of Construction Completion for OSSF Projects   Download   
  CII709I Certificate of Construction Completion for OSSF Projects (Individual Homeowner)   Download   
Section D Texas Capital Fund    Download Download
  D1 TCF Contractor-Company Agreement Certification and Guide   Download  
  D7 2020 TCF Survey Questionnaire (Family Income/Size Certification)   Download  
  D7 2020 TCF Survey Questionnaire (Family Income/Size Certification) en Español   Download  
  D8 TCF Aggregate Benefit Report   Download  
Section E Self-Help Centers Download     
Appendices (Word Versions only)      
Appendix A Links to Resources including State and Federal Regulations   Download  
Appendix B Required Contract Provisions   Download  
Appendix C Vehicle/Equipment General Conditions   ---  
Appendix D Sample Administration Services RFP Packet   Download  
Appendix E Sample Engineering Services RFQ Packet   Download  
Appendix F Sample Construction Bid Packet   Download  
Appendix F* HUD-4010 Required Contract Provisions   ---  
Appendix G Sample Material Bid   Download  
Appendix H Pre-Application Procurement Q&A   ---  
POLICY ISSUANCE 19-01 Revised version posted 4/1/2019