Texans Feeding Texans - Surplus Agricultural Products Grant Program

Deadline:  All funds have been awarded. The next application cycle is contingent upon the 87th legislative appropriations for the 2022-2023 program year. 

The Texans Feeding Texans: Surplus Agricultural grant program was established to provide surplus agricultural products to food banks and other charitable organizations that serve needy or low-income individuals. TDA awards grant funding to help offset the costs of harvesting, gleaning and transporting Texas products to Texas food banks.

To be eligible for the grant program applicants must:

1) Be a non-profit organization;
2) Have at least 5 years of experience coordinating a statewide network of food banks and charitable organizations that serve all 254 counties in Texas; and
3) operate a program that coordinates the collection and transportation of surplus agricultural products to a statewide network of food banks that provide food to needy or low-income individuals


Mindy Fryer
Director, Contracts and Grants
(512) 463-6908