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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the Texas Beef Checkoff?
A: The Texas Beef Checkoff is a producer funded and managed, state-level promotion, marketing, research and education program for beef and beef products.

Q: How will the Texas Beef Checkoff program be funded?

A: The Texas Beef Checkoff program will be funded through a refundable assessment on cattle at each point of ownership transfer in Texas. The maximum assessment will not exceed $1 per head of cattle.

Q: Is the Texas Beef Checkoff program different than the current U.S. Beef Checkoff program?
A: Yes, the Texas Beef Checkoff program is different and separate from the current U.S. Beef Checkoff. The Texas Beef Checkoff program may complement and extend the U.S. Beef Checkoff efforts.

Unlike the U.S. program, which requires that fifty cents of every dollar collected be sent to the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board for programs, the entire Texas Beef Checkoff assessment would be managed by Texas cattlemen and women. Another difference is the Texas Beef Checkoff assessment is refundable.

Q: Who will manage the money collected through the Texas Beef Checkoff program?

A: The Beef Promotion and Research Council of Texas serves as the management entity of the state-level checkoff program. This council is appointed by the Texas Commissioner of Agriculture from producers nominated by the Texas Beef Council with input from the Texas cattle organizations. It is intended that the same people who serve on the Texas Beef Council will be nominated and appointed to serve on the Beef Promotion and Research Council of Texas.

Q: What will the money be used for?
A: The use of funds is limited by the parameters established in state law, which are beef promotion, marketing, research and consumer education for beef and beef products. The money can be used in Texas, the U.S. and/or internationally. The law does not allow checkoff funds to be used for lobbying activities to influence public policy or government affairs.

Q: What is meant by the assessment being “a maximum of $1”?

A: According to the state law governing commodity checkoff programs, producers set the maximum allowable rate for the assessment through the referendum vote. The actual assessment rate is set, not to exceed the maximum, by the Beef Promotion and Research Council of Texas. If circumstances ever warranted an assessment less than the maximum, the Council has the authority to set that rate without another referendum. It is anticipated that the initial assessment will be $1.

Q: How was the referendum managed?
A: Eligible producers voted in June 2014.  Any producer, regardless of age, who owned cattle in Texas any time between June 6, 2013, and June 6, 2014, was eligible to vote in the referendum. For purposes of this referendum, a producer may be either an individual or a legal business entity. 

Q: Can I request a refund?
A: Yes. A producer who has paid an assessment to the Texas Beef Checkoff may obtain a refund of the amount paid by filing an application for refund with the Beef Promotion and Research Council of Texas within 60 days after the date of payment. The application must be in writing, on a form prescribed by the Council for that purpose, and accompanied by proof of payment of the assessment.

Q: Who is exempt from paying the assessment?
A person who owns cattle for less than 10 days or who serves as a dealer or order buyer in the sales transaction may qualify as a “non-producer” and would not be subject to this assessment.

Q: Is this a government program?
A: No. Texas law governs the creation of state-level commodity checkoff programs. However, once the program is approved through passage of a producer referendum, then the program is funded and managed by cattlemen and women. The Texas Department of Agriculture maintains oversight responsibility to ensure the integrity of the program.

Q: Will the state government have control over the money collected?
A: No. According to Texas law, these funds are held outside of the state treasury. This means the Texas Legislature, the Texas Department of Agriculture and any other state governing entity has no jurisdiction over the funds collected through a state-level commodity checkoff program.

Q: Who will collect and remit the assessment?

A: Each collection point is responsible to collect and remit the assessment. A collection point is any entity that makes payment to a producer for cattle purchased or facilitates transfer of ownership. The assessment is remitted to the Beef Promotion and Research Council of Texas or its designated agent. This collection process is identical to the existing U.S. Beef Checkoff program.

Q: Where can I get more information about the Texas Beef Checkoff?

A: For more information about the Texas Beef Checkoff and the referendum contact the Beef Promotion and Research Council of Texas at 1-800-846-4113.