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The Family Land Heritage Program

Does a recognized farm/ranch receive any tax benefits or protection?
No, the FLH Program is a recognition program and does not provide any tax benefits or protection from eminent domain.


What are the benefits of this program?
Honorees are presented a certificate and are recognized at a ceremony in Austin.
Honorees may purchase historic farm or ranch signage for their property.
The property is documented in an annual registry available for purchase.


Is there a charge to apply for FLH recognition?
There is no charge to apply.


If accepted, are any restrictions imposed on the property or is it opened to the public?
The program does not require families to report any changes to TDA after receiving their recognition nor does it open the family's land to the public.  The land cannot be in the process of being sold or leased during the year of recognition.


My property reaches 100 years in December after the May deadline, can I still apply for that year?
Yes, if the founder obtained land and started agricultural production that same year.


Do owners have to live on the property?
No, but owners are required to reside in Texas and be actively involved in the daily operation.


May I apply if the land has been leased or rented to someone outside of the family?
If the family has maintained at least 10 acres in continuous agricultural production with annual sales of $50 or more, those 10 acres will qualify.


If the land is leased/rented to a relative, is it still eligible?
Yes, as long as the land meets all of the other qualifications.

Is land enrolled in the Conservation Resource Program (CRP) eligible?
Yes, CRP land is eligible.

Are adopted children eligible to apply for the honor?
Yes, an adopted child who has received eligible land directly from a parent and/or relative may apply for the program.


Do all owners have to sign the application and appear before the county judge?
No, only the person completing the application needs to sign the application and appear before the judge. If that person is physically unable to appear before the judge, a family member may represent them and co-sign the application.


What type of signage can I purchase for my property?
Light aluminum historic farm and ranch gate signs for 100, 150 and 200 years may be purchased. Bronze markers made by two companies identified by TDA may be purchased.