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AUSTIN- Today, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller announced that the State of Texas Agriculture Relief, or STAR Fund, that his agency manages, now has almost $150,000 in donated funds available after a severe winter storm crippled the state ag industry and threatened the food supply chain last week.

The TDA STAR Fund is comprised of donations from private citizens, corporations and organizations committed to supporting Texas farmers and ranchers. No state money is used in the Fund. Donations to the fund vary in amount, but average $75 per donation.

“The STAR Fund is just another example of how Texans step up to help their fellow Texans,” said Miller. “Since the beginning of this crisis I’ve been warning of the threat to our state agriculture industry and our food supply. Texans have responded as I knew they would, with compassion. Thanks to them, the STAR Fund is able to provide much-needed relief to our ag producers as they fight to regain their footing after this deadly storm.”

Through the STAR Fund, TDA reimburses qualified agricultural producers 50% of eligible expenses, up to $4,000. While, funds are generally not intended to compensate individuals or businesses for crop or livestock losses, STAR Fund money is traditionally used to assist in rebuilding fences, restoring operations and paying for other agricultural disaster relief costs needed to restart agricultural operations.

To be eligible, an agriculture business/operation/ranch/farm must be located in a county included in the Texas Governor’s disaster declaration. For last week’s winter storm, that includes every county in Texas. Applicants have 90 business days from the date of the Governor’s proclamation to turn in an application. The application for relief is available on the TDA website (

Verification of the damage caused by the disaster is required prior to TDA disbursing funds, including any pictures, certifications or other documentation.

“Every day, we depend on farmers and ranchers to provide our families with the healthy food and warm clothes that sustains our lives, and now is the time for Texas producers to lean on us,” Commissioner Miller said. “This is not a handout, rather it’s a hand up. And that is what our farmers and ranchers need right now – a hand up. This storm has knocked the ag industry off our feet – but you can bet we won’t be down long.”
If you are interested in donating to the STAR Fund, visit the TDA home page at You may make a secure online donation, or send a check.

“As we approach Texas Independence Day next week, I have never been prouder to be a Texan,” said Miller. “Texans helping Texans is the true spirit of Texas.”

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