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Rules Development
Rules listed under Proposed Rules have been published in the Texas Register and are open for public comment. Rules will be moved from Proposed Rules to Recently Adopted Rules after the effective date of adoption.  To review all current rules, refer to the Texas Administrative Code.

Submission of Comments: Written comments on proposed rules must be received no later than 5 p.m. on the date stated in the preamble of each proposed rule.

Proposed Rule Review

General Rules of Practice, 4 TAC §§1.1 - 1.50
Grain Warehouse, 4 TAC § 13.1-13.20
Perishable Commodities Handling and Marketing Program (HMPC), 4 TAC § 14.1-14.26

Seed Arbitration, Seed Quality, Seed Certification Standards, 4 TAC Chs. 6, 9, 10
Structural Pest Control Service, 4 TAC Ch. 7, Subch. H

Chapter 25, Subchapter A, Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), and Subchapter B, Summer Food Service Program (SFSP)
Texas Commodity Law, 4 TAC Ch. 23
GO TEXAN Certification Mark, 4 TAC Ch. 17, Subch. C
Livestock Facilities, 4 TAC Ch. 17, Subch. B; Certification of Farmers Market, 4 TAC Ch. 17, Subch. D; GO TEXAN Partner Program Rules, 4 TAC Ch. 17, Subch. G; GO TEXAN Certified Retirement Community Program, 4 TAC Ch. 17, Subch. J
Prescribed Burning Board, 4 TAC Chs. 225-230
Prescribed Burning Board Enforcement Program, 4 TAC Ch. 4
Miscellaneous Provisions, 4 TAC Ch. 1, Subch. D
Advisory Committees, 4 TAC Ch. 1, Subch. E
Children's Access to Nutritious Food Grant Program, 4 TAC Ch. 1, Subch. R
Nutrition Working Groups, 4 TAC Ch. 26, Subch. B
Collection of Debts, 4 TAC Ch. 1, Subch. B; Minority Purchasing, 4 TAC Ch. 1, Subch. C; Interagency Agreements, 4 TAC Ch. 1, Subch. G; 
Surplus Agricultural Products Grant Program, 4 TAC Ch. 1, Subch. M

3E's Grant Programs, 4 TAC Ch. 26, Subch. C
Economic Development, 4 TAC Ch. 29, Subchs. A, D, and E

Organic Standards and Certification, 4 TAC Ch. 18; Citrus, 4 TAC Ch. 21



Proposed Rules