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Podcasts - 2016
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Dairy Goats2.41 MBDownload
Farmers' Markets3.25 MBDownload
Agritourism 3.21 MBDownload
Agriculture in School2.41 MBDownload
San Marcos Springs3.21 MBDownload
Texas Pumpkins2.41 MBDownload
Stone-Ground Grains2.41 MBDownload
Drones2.41 MBDownload
Father of the Green Revolution 3.20 MBDownload
Boll Weevil2.42 MBDownload
State Fair Update3.21 MBDownload
Texas School Cafeteria Upgrades3.20 MBDownload
Fall Fun in Texas3.23 MBDownload
Processed Wood 3.23 MBDownload
TDA Accomplishments 3.21 MBDownload
Soybeans 3.23 MBDownload
Kolaches3.20 MBDownload
Pesticide Registration 3.19 MBDownload
Texas State FFA Convention 3.16 MBDownload
Blessing of the Fleet3.21 MBDownload
Reverse-Seared Steak3.23 MBDownload
Hobby Farming 3.23 MBDownload
Texas Watermelon 2.42 MBDownload
Back to School! 3.23 MBDownload
Harvesting Rainwater 2.44 MBDownload
Fiber Industry 2.44 MBDownload
Cattle Theft 2.43 MBDownload
Texas Small Business 2.42 MBDownload
Texas Musical Drama 2.41 MBDownload
Cotton Ginning Cost Sharing Program 2.43 MBDownload
Summer Swim Spots in Texas3.26 MBDownload
Childhood Nutrition 3.23 MBDownload
Mosquitos 3.26 MBDownload
Crop Data3.25 MBDownload
The Peddler Show3.25 MBDownload
Granite Mountain 3.20 MBDownload
Texas State Gem 3.23 MBDownload
2016 State Fair of Texas 3.19 MBDownload
Cowboy Way of Life in Texas3.17 MBDownload
National Ice Cream Month 3.20 MBDownload
Texas Craft Beer3.22 MBDownload
Aquaponics 3.21 MBDownload
Rural Health 3.21 MBDownload
Rural Internship 3.18 MBDownload
Texas Gulf Shrimp3.25 MBDownload
GO TEXAN Spot the Mark Challenge 1.63 MBDownload
Crop Tunnels 1.65 MBDownload
New RGV Research Center 1.63 MBDownload
Trade Opportunities 1.68 MBDownload
Enchanted Rock 1.61 MBDownload
Farm to School 1.59 MBDownload
Quilt Competition 1.61 MBDownload
Bug Control 1.61 MBDownload
Blackberries 1.61 MBDownload
Rodeo Season1.59 MBDownload
Ranching Heritage Association 1.60 MBDownload
Imports and Inspections on the Border1.60 MBDownload
Home Delivered Meal Program1.59 MBDownload
Diamonds & Dirt 1.85 MBDownload
School Breakfast Week 1.85 MBDownload
Kaufman, TX1.85 MBDownload
Olive Oil 1.86 MBDownload
Certified Seed 1.85 MBDownload
FFA1.84 MBDownload
Growing Grapes in Texas1.62 MBDownload
Fleas and Ticks1.60 MBDownload
Texas Grapefruit1.61 MBDownload
GO TEXAN1.61 MBDownload
Commissioner Miller Trip to DC1.61 MBDownload
Product Registration1.61 MBDownload
International Chili Cook-Off1.58 MBDownload
Foreign Ag Service1.62 MBDownload
Family Land Heritage1.61 MBDownload
Big Horn Sheep1.62 MBDownload
Texas State Railroad1.59 MBDownload
Texans Feeding Texans1.60 MBDownload
State Fish of Texas1.59 MBDownload
Small Farms1.61 MBDownload
Organic Certification1.61 MBDownload
History in Goliad1.62 MBDownload
Harvest Time1.62 MBDownload
Fuel Pumps1.62 MBDownload
Fall on the Farm1.60 MBDownload
Boll Weevil Eradication1.59 MBDownload
The State Fair of Texas1.61 MBDownload
River Road High School1.61 MBDownload
National School Lunch Week1.61 MBDownload
National 4 H Week1.61 MBDownload
The Cowboy Hall of Fame1.60 MBDownload
TSCRA1.58 MBDownload
State Fair1.61 MBDownload
Local Products Challenge1.59 MBDownload
Dr Pepper1.61 MBDownload
County Fairs and Stock Shows1.61 MBDownload
Young Farmers1.61 MBDownload
Texas Storyteller Fred Gipson1.61 MBDownload
Texas Beef1.60 MBDownload
State Fair Photo Contest1.58 MBDownload
Southern US Trade Association1.57 MBDownload
Rice Experimentation Stations1.60 MBDownload
Protecting Animal and Human Health1.60 MBDownload
Ol' Rip the Horned Toad1.60 MBDownload
National Peanut Day1.60 MBDownload
Leather1.62 MBDownload
LBJ's Birthday1.60 MBDownload
Ice Cream1.61 MBDownload
Hay, Straw and Their Many Uses1.58 MBDownload
Growing Herbs1.60 MBDownload
Fall Vegetable Gardens1.60 MBDownload
Community Supported Agriculture1.59 MBDownload
Childcare and Nutrition1.59 MBDownload
Back To School1.61 MBDownload
An Apple a Day1.61 MBDownload
Watermelon Season1.62 MBDownload
The Office of Water1.60 MBDownload
The Alcalde Hotel1.59 MBDownload
Suing the EPA1.60 MBDownload
The State Fair of Texas1.63 MBDownload
The Newswoman of Irion County1.60 MBDownload
A Living Legend1.61 MBDownload
Ag News1.60 MBDownload
What's Happening at TDA1.60 MBDownload
The First Mobile Olive Press1.60 MBDownload
Farmers Markets1.62 MBDownload
Dutch Ovens1.64 MBDownload
Coyotes1.62 MBDownload
Collin County Agriculture1.61 MBDownload
The Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum1.60 MBDownload
Battlegrounds to Breaking Grounds1.59 MBDownload
Blessing of the Fleet1.60 MBDownload
Egg Quality and Avian Flu1.58 MBDownload
GO TEXAN Restaurants1.60 MBDownload
Sunflowers1.61 MBDownload
Diversification1.60 MBDownload
Independence and Freedom1.60 MBDownload
Mosquitos1.59 MBDownload
Preparing for Hurricanes1.60 MBDownload
Wild Hogs1.59 MBDownload
Art of Texas Bootmaking1.57 MBDownload
Menger Hotel1.61 MBDownload
Mothballs1.61 MBDownload
National Prime Rib Day1.59 MBDownload
Olives1.62 MBDownload
Pecan Museum of Texas1.59 MBDownload
Regulating Gas Pumps1.61 MBDownload
Strawberries1.60 MBDownload
Texas Berry Season1.60 MBDownload
Texas Cattle Feeding1.59 MBDownload
Connecting City to Farm1.58 MBDownload
Snakes1.51 MBDownload
Strawberries1.53 MBDownload
Battle of San Jacinto1.61 MBDownload
Growing Popularity of Goats1.59 MBDownload
Rural Health Care1.61 MBDownload
Special Needs Livestock Show1.59 MBDownload
Termites1.61 MBDownload
Easter with Commissioner Miller1.59 MBDownload
Pioneers Building Leaders1.58 MBDownload
Local Control1.59 MBDownload
Texas Bluebonnets1.61 MBDownload
Texas Sugar Crops1.60 MBDownload
Ag and the Alamo1.59 MBDownload
GO TEXAN This Spring1.60 MBDownload
Phynosanitary certificates1.61 MBDownload
Spring Garden Fever1.61 MBDownload
The FFA Story1.61 MBDownload
The FFA1.61 MBDownload
School Breakfast Week1.59 MBDownload
Mexican Fruit Flies1.60 MBDownload
Spring Landscaping1.60 MBDownload
Texas Historical Landmarks1.61 MBDownload
Texas Dairy1.61 MBDownload
Pflugerville Food Truck1.61 MBDownload
Prickly Pear Cactus1.60 MBDownload
San Antonio Stock Show1.59 MBDownload
Cupcake Amnesty1.60 MBDownload
Montgomery County1.61 MBDownload
Texas Cotton1.61 MBDownload
Washington's Birthday1.59 MBDownload
Weeds1.59 MBDownload
The GROW Award1.61 MBDownload
Retire in Texas1.60 MBDownload
The Super Bowl1.60 MBDownload
Texas Cotton1.61 MBDownload
Your Piece of Texas1.59 MBDownload
Doing for Others1.58 MBDownload
Gift of Produce1.59 MBDownload
Slowing the Spread of Citrus Greening1.60 MBDownload
TravelTex.gov1.61 MBDownload
Water Conservation1.61 MBDownload
The Brady ISD Tower Garden1.59 MBDownload
Checking Fuel1.61 MBDownload
Pest Control in Schools1.60 MBDownload
The Deputy Ag Commissioner1.60 MBDownload
Tyler Roses1.60 MBDownload
The Many Uses of Texas Wheat1.61 MBDownload
Trade With China1.61 MBDownload
Commissioner Miller1.60 MBDownload
Mountain Trails1.62 MBDownload
New Year, New Priorities1.60 MBDownload
Texas Beets1.61 MBDownload
Texas Pecans1.60 MBDownload