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Agriculture and Consumer Protection Division

What do commercial scales and raw eggs and everything in between have in common? They're inspected and regulated by the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA). TDA has a strong consumer protection program, which includes overseeing items like grocery store scales, egg quality, and nursery products. TDA regularly works with producers to ensure they receive quality seed. This division also ensures the accuracy of weights and measures and protects against the movement of harmful pests into Texas. TDA's consumer protection efforts promote success, unity and prosperity for the people of Texas.

TDA also works to provide agriculture producers with the resources and support they need.  The division is responsible for licensing and training pesticide applicators, overseeing worker protection, registering pesticides for sale in the state and working to minimize unnecessary impacts to agriculture while enhancing protection of endangered and threatened species as mandated by the federal law.

The Structural Pest Control Service licenses applicators who make pesticide applications in and around structures.

Inspection and Enforcement Strategic Plan

One of the 2021 Sunset Review (SB 703) requirements is that TDA develop an annual strategic inspection plan and report on enforcement activities.  The requirement was added to the Texas Agriculture Code as Section 12A.004.