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Structural Pest Control Advisory Committee

The Structural Pest Control Advisory Committee, created in 2007, advises the department and the commissioner on various regulatory responsibilities of the Structural Pest Control Service. 

Member who is an employee of a school district associated with integrated pest management

Mr. Mike Shields of Salado

Members representing the public interest 

Mr. Roger Borgelt of Austin
Dr. Nancy Crider of Houston
Mr. Clint Lehew of Tomball 

Member from an institution of higher education knowledgeable in the science of pests and pest control 

Dr. Robert Puckett of College Station 

Member representing the commissioner of state health services 

Dr. Ketki Patel

Members representing the interests of structural pest control operators

Mr. Randy McCarty of Lago Vista
Dr. Robert Davis of Blanco
Mr. Brien Binford of Bryan

Member representing consumers 

Thomas Kezar of Dripping Springs

Member representing  pest control operators with experience in natural, organic or holistic pest control 

Mr. Robert Schoppe of Missouri City

Advisory Committee meetings are Open Meetings and anyone that wants to attend is welcome.

Past Meetings: January 20, 2022, April 21, 2022

NOTE: January 20, 2022 meeting was held via teleconference with an option of also joining via Teams

Meeting Video: View January 20, 2022 Meeting (YouTube)

NOTE: April 21, 2022 meeting was via teleconference with an option of also joining via Teams

Meeting Video: View April 21, 2022 Meeting (YouTube)

SPCS Advisory Committee Meeting

July 21, 2022 - AgendaSPC Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes 04.21.2022 Final Draft; Structural Report Total Results FY22 3rd QTR Enforcement; School IPM Top Ten FY past 5 years; FY19 Portion Statistics Cumulative – 2022-06-16T131006.531; FY20 Portion Statistics Cumulative – 2022-06-16T131219.422; FY21 Portion Statistics Cumulative – 2022-06-16T131246.589; 7.136 Strawman rule for discussion

Future Meetings: October 27, 2022

Meetings will be held at 9 a.m. in room 1104A, 11th floor of the Stephen F. Austin Building, 17th and Congress, Austin.  Agendas for each meeting will be posted when finalized,