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Date Palm Lethal Decline


What is Date Palm Lethal Decline

The disease is known as Texas Phoenix Palm Decline (TPPD) because it was originally described in the southern coastal region of Texas on Phoenix canariensis (Canary Island date palm). The date palms and other palm species turn yellow, rot and lose leaves and fruit before the fruit is mature.  There is no known cure.  

What types of palms are affected?

The regulated palms include:  

    - Date palm, Phoenix dactylifera
    - Canary Island date palm, Phoenix canariensis
    - Silver or sylvester date palm, Phoenix sylvestris
    - Queen palm, Syagrus romanzoffiana; and 
    - Cabbage  palm or sabal palm, Sabal palmetto

What Can Texas Nurseries Do?

Nurseries can monitor for symptoms of lethal decline on quarantined palms, whether grown in Texas or imported from other states. If you observe suspected symptoms, please notify the nearest TDA Regional Office for inspection and diagnosis.

Texas Counties under Quarantine

Please note that the following areas are quarantined for Date Palm Lethal Decline: 

    - Cameron, Hidalgo, Nueces, Willacy counties and 
    - infected portions of Kleberg County, Texas and 
    - the entire State of Florida.

More information on this disease: Texas Phoenix Palm Decline - Information in Link above.

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