Seed Program Complaint Information
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Seed Program Complaint Information

Filing a Seed Quality Complaint

The TDA Seed Quality Programs help ensure that anyone from a backyard gardener to a multi-acre farmer receives the highest quality of seed available.A seed complaint may be file with the department regarding the failure of seed to produce as represented by the label or for seed not being sold in accordance with the Texas Seed Law.

How to File a Complaint

Persons who want to file a seed quality complaint should contact (979) 542-3691 or email TDA may initiate an investigation when notified either orally or in writing.

The Complaint Process

Your complaint will be assigned to a seed quality inspector.  The inspector will contact you and may want to meet you to ask additional questions and review and/or gather any physical evidence. The inspector may also collect relevant information from other sources. The inspector will then submit a report to the TDA Seed Quality Program.

Copies of the Report

The investigation report is subject to the provisions of the Texas Public Information Act. A copy of the report will be provided to the parties involved upon written request. Requests for reports should be sent to:

Reports are not available immediately following an investigation. Any samples collected must be analyzed and interviews with all parties must be conducted before a report can be finalized.

Enforcement Actions

Depending on the result of the investigation, TDA may find that no violation could be documented and close the case without further action.

In the event that a violation can be documented, the seed quality program will issue an apparent violation and TDA may issue a warning or assess an administrative penalty.Monetary penalties collected by the state are deposited to the State's General Revenue Fund and not for the use of TDA.