Feral Hog State Limited Use Pesticide and TDA Licensing Information
   State-Limited-Use Requirements
The Texas Department of Agriculture (Department) is the agency responsible for registering pesticides sold and distributed in Texas. Prior to sale or distribution, a pesticide must be registered with the Department.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the federal pesticide registration of Kaput® Feral Hog Bait on January 3, 2017. EPA registered the product (Registration No. 72500-26) as a “General Use” pesticide.

The Department recognizes the valuable economic impact that the hunting industry brings to Texas; however, feral hogs cause over $50 million in damage to Texas property and crops yearly. Warfarin can serve as a much needed tool to help control the population of over 2 million feral hogs throughout the state.

However, to address the risk of inadvertent human consumption of warfarin-exposed hogs and the risk of potential secondary exposure of non-target animals, the Department adopted emergency rules to immediately address the use and distribution of Kaput® Feral Hog Bait. The Department imposed stricter regulations than the EPA by classifying the Kaput® Feral Hog Bait as a "State-Limited-Use" pesticide. The increased licensing requirements were imposed to ensure proper use and compliance with all product use requirements by qualified individuals for pesticide dealers and applicators.  

Additionally, as with all pesticide and other regulated products, warfarin must be used in strict accordance with all label requirements.

In order to distribute a "State-Limited-Use" pesticide, a dealer is required to hold a pesticide dealer's license, issued by the Department. Additionally, a person may not purchase or use a "State-Limited-Use" pesticide, unless licensed as a pesticide applicator, or under the direct supervision of a licensed applicator. Licensees must meet criteria adopted in rule by the Department under the Texas Administrative Code.
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TDA Press Release
Commissioner Sid Miller Announces TAC Rule Change to Allow Limited Use of Feral Hog Toxicant in Texas (2/21/2017)

Texas Register Emergency Rule Publication
February 24, 2017

Texas Administrative Code*
Section 7.30--Classification of Pesticides

Product Label and Company Information
Kaput® Feral Hog Bait
ScimetricsLtd Corp.

   Licensing Requirements

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