Structural Pest Control Service
TDA's Structural Pest Control Service licenses and regulates pest management professionals who apply pesticides in an around structures.

SPCS Mission: SPCS will provide exceptional customer service to the public and the industry, enhance the educational and professional standards of license holders and ensure the health, safety and welfare of the public.

To view the "Structural Pest Control Enforcement Report," select the Reports and Publications button at the top and type structural in the program name box.

NEW Adopted Regulations! 

The proposed structural pest control regulations published on November 10, 2017 in the Texas Register have now been adopted and are effective on 1/9/18. Please see the adopted changes in the Texas Register publication found here.  Specifically, see pages 41 to 52. Rules affected include §§7.112-7.114; §§7.121-7.129; §§ 7.131-7.135; §§ 7.142-7.149; §7.153; § 7.156; §§ 7.172-7.178 and §7.192. Please see the publication for further details.

Pre-Construction and Structural Fumigation Notification System

Beginning January 9, 2018, all pre-construction and structural fumigations notifications and cancellations must be made using the designated electronic notification system. This electronic notification system utilizes a form that can be completed using either a computer or a smart phone to alert TDA of a pending fumigation or pre-construction termite treatment. Notifications made via phone, fax and email will be accepted up until September 1, 2018; however, we encourage you to use the electronic system as soon as possible.    

This system has been an option for pest control operators to notify TDA since September 14, 2015 and will take the place of all phone, fax and email notifications.  

Should you have any questions or need help with filling out the notification form, please do not hesitate to contact us at 866-918-4481..

Submit notification for commercial pre-construction treatment 

Submit notification for structural fumigations


Reminder to Certified Applicators with the Structural Fumigation Category

Remember that all applicators certified in the Structural Fumigation category must conduct and/or perform four hours of training each year along with a minimum of one CEU per year in structural fumigation.  TDA inspectors are checking these training records during inspections even if applicators maintain the category but do not actually conduct structural fumigations.  These training records must be maintained by the business for two years.