Structural Pest Control Business
Any person engaged in the structural pest control business must secure a business license from SPCS for each business location, including branch offices, in according with the Structural Pest Control Act.

Each business license holder must designate a responsible certified commercial applicator who is not serving as a responsible certified commercial applicator for any other business licensee or any other business license location. A business or person cannot advertise to provide services or solicit business without first obtaining a business license and having an applicator certified in each license category in which business is conducted.

If you or your employee are currently licensed as a certified commercial applicator, your business license application must include a license change form for certified applicator or a renewal form.
Insurance Requirements
An applicant for business license must file a policy or contract of insurance in an amount of not less than $200,000 bodily injury and property damage coverage with a minimum total aggregate of $300,000 for all occurrences, insuring against liability for damage to persons or property under his care, custody or control. Your insurance agent must be informed that the care, custody and control exclusion must be deleted to conform to Chapter 1951.312 of the Texas Occupational Code. 

A business license fee is $300.  If you or your employee are not currently licensed certified applicators, you can submit the fee and insurance certificate after you have passed the exam. You may not conduct any business until your license is issued.

Resident Agent
A business license holder who resides outside of the state of Texas must include a resident agent form, designating a resident agent for services of process in actions taken in the administration and enforcement of the Texas Structural Pest Control Act.  

Register Employees
Employees must register with your company by submitting an Application for Technician License or a Change of License Form. 

Termination of Employees
Businesses and noncommercial entities must inform SPCS within 10 days when an employee is terminated.  The notice must include name, license number and date of termination.  You may use the Employee Termination Notice form.

Change of Address
Must be submitted within 10 days of the effective date.  Include company name and license number, Social Security number, and old and new addresses and phone numbers.

SPCS Jurisdiction Statement
Please use the following jurisdiction statement on your printed contract, warranty, service agreement, termite disclosure document, guarantee and customer information sheet:

Licensed and Regulated by:
   Texas Department of Agriculture
   P.O. Box 12847
   Austin, TX 78711-2847
   Phone (866) 918-4481
   Fax (888) 232-2567