Seed Certification

The Mission of the Seed Certification Program is to create and make available a source of seeds and vegetative propagating materials of crops and plants grown, conditioned, certified and distributed to insure genetic purity and identity in relation to TDA standards.

The Certification Program:

  • Licenses Certified Growers
  • Registers Plant Breeders 
  • Conducts field inspections on certified seed production 
  • Inspects conditioning plants
  • Monitors variety purity by testing certified hybrid production samples through grow-outs in Puerto Rico and Costa Rica
  • Prints and issues certification labels  

I would like to: 
        Apply to become a Certified Seed Grower 
        Apply to become a Registered Plant Breeder 
        Apply to the State Seed & Plant Board for eligibility of a Variety

I am a licensed Certified Seed Grower and I want to:
        Apply to have my fields inspected for certification
        Report my monthly activity of Certified Tags for Vegetatively Propagated Material 
        Request Certification Labels 
        Request O E C D Tags