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About the Program

Agriculture is Your Culture is an education campaign designed to raise awareness of the critical role agriculture plays in the daily lives of all Texans and Americans. The campaign's goal is to provide the agriculture industry one voice to proactively tell the stories of agriculture, put a face on the industry and dispel myths that are distorting the industry's credibility with the public.

The agriculture industries in Texas and across America have been publicly criticized by environmental and animal rights activist groups who are proactive in getting their false and negative messages out to the media and public. Most stories and messages seem to be based upon one of two underlying myths:

Myth 1: Agricultural producers mistreat their animals; and

Myth 2: Agricultural production harms our environment.

These myths unfortunately are steering federal regulatory programs down a path of uncontrolled growth at the expense of domestic food and fiber production.


Specific goals of the Agriculture is Your Culture campaign include:

  • Raising awareness of how agriculture impacts ALL lives on a daily basis;
  • Enhancing the perception of agriculture as being a critical component of the economy;
  • Dispelling myths that agricultural operations are harmful to natural resources and the environment by revealing the ways agriculture benefits them;
  • Dispelling myths that agricultural operations mistreat animals by revealing the ways agriculture improves the welfare of animals; and
  • Garnering support for the agriculture industry and its upcoming needs.