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On-Farm Renewable Energy Production

Texas farmers and ranchers are leading the way in renewable energy production. By installing on-site wind turbines, solar panels, and methane digesters they are powering their own farms, homes, and in some cases local communities.

USDA recently published the first On-Farm Energy Production Survey as part of the nation’s Agriculture Census. The results indicated the use of solar panels, wind turbines and methane digesters on U.S. farms and ranches has grown over the past decade, with 8,569 operations producing their own renewable energy.

Texas agricultural producers ranked second in the nation for both wind turbine and solar panel capacity installed on their farms and ranches. Methane digesters, an innovative way to process waste into energy and high-nutrient mulch and fertilizer, represent a tremendous opportunity for further energy production as the state builds on its livestock and dairy industries.

“Texas consumers should know that the safe, affordable, and abundant food and fiber available to them, grown right here in Texas, may also be providing the power to their kitchen lights or the gas to their stove,” said Commissioner Todd Staples.

Supplying food and energy – another way Agriculture is Your Culture.