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Fiber-Rich Texas Offers Plenty of Style

Cotton is fit for a king — and in Texas the supply is plentiful.

Not only is Texas the leading cotton-producing state in the nation, it’s also home to a variety of fibers that find their way into our closets and homes.

“Few other locations in our nation and world have both the variety and quantity of fibers grown in Texas,” said Sheri Dragoo, associate professor of fashion design at Texas Woman’s University in Denton. “From the huge quantity of mainland cotton to niche markets of organic and Pima cotton, and from wool to fine mohair, alpaca and llama animal fiber, Texas fibers can outfit both your home and your life in soft, supple comfort and style.”

Cool, comfortable cotton is a staple of any wardrobe, and today in Texas, its production is moving in bold, new directions, Dragoo said.

“In a world that is moving quickly in an eco-friendly direction, cotton has become an even more appealing fiber choice for the consumer, whether natural or organic,” she said. “Cotton has always been primary on the consumer choice menu for comfort, care and versatility. And now it is green and local, grown here in our own state and processed and used by our own apparel and home furnishings companies.”

Fortunately for Texas and consumers, the Lone Star State has an additional wealth of fiber potential outside the cotton basket.

“One of the unsung heroes of Texas fiber is our production of mohair,” Dragoo said. “Texas ranchers have worked for half a century refining their breeding to create some of the most luxurious, soft, long-staple mohair fiber from their Angora goats. The results are a spectacular array of silky, brilliantly colored fashion products from scarves and open knit sweaters to beautiful boucle suiting fabrics and even high-end plush area rugs. Mohair is a fiber not to be missed.”

From T-shirts, blue jeans and household décor, Texas can do plenty of bragging when it comes to fiber, fashion and comfort.

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