Preserving nature before it was popular. Preserving YOUR Environment
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Did You Know?
  • Farmers are stewards of the land, meaning they work hard to do what is necessary to keep the Earth healthy and productive. The benefits of good land stewardship include cleaner water, improved wildlife habitat and land protected from damage caused by wind and water erosion.
  • There are nearly 2 billion acres of land in the continental United States. Farmers and ranchers manage nearly 1.4 billion acres of that land. They voluntarily set aside millions of acres of their land to protect the environment and to provide food and shelter for wildlife.
  • Controlling soil erosion ensures the land will be productive into the future. It also reduces the amount of soil, pesticides, fertilizers and other substances that pollute the nation’s water sources.
  • Farmers and ranchers play an active role in contributing to the nation’s energy supply by producing and utilizing renewable resources. They have been using wind and solar energy for years. From corn to animal waste to restaurant oil, agriculture crops and byproducts are used to make energy.
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