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The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) accepts applications exclusively through the website. Fill out application form completely. If fields are not applicable, enter "NA." Do not leave any fields blank. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

For more information about registering with Work in Texas and submitting an electronic application, you can refer to the Frequently Asked Questions on the WorkinTexas website. Questions directly related to the job posting may be directed to TDA’s Applicant Services Office at (512) 463-7648.

TDA participates in E-Verify and will provide the Social Security Administration and, if necessary, the Department of Homeland Security, with information from each new employee's Form I-9 to confirm work authorization.
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How to Apply for Internships

Contact HR
(512) 463-7648 or
(800) 835-5832

TDA Job Postings

Title (Click Title to View Job Description)Job Posting#SalaryLocationSorted By Location In Ascending OrderAccepting Applications Until 5 p.m. onStatus
Trade and Business Development Intern - Marketing14-900-1$1,600.00AustinCLOSED - 04/18/2014CLOSED
Trade and Business Development Intern -  Office of Contracts and Grants14-907-1$1,600.00AustinCLOSED - 04/18/2014CLOSED
Trade and Business Development Intern - Office of Rural Affairs14-909-1$1,600.00AustinCLOSED - 04/18/2014CLOSED
Trade and Business Development Intern - Office of Rural Affairs14-917-1$1,600.00AustinCLOSED - 04/18/2014CLOSED
Legal Intern14-908-1$1,600.00AustinCLOSED - 04/18/2014CLOSED
Agriculture & Consumer Protection Intern14-950-1$1,600.00AustinCLOSED - 04/18/2014CLOSED
Agriculture & Consumer Protection Intern14-951-1$1,600.00AustinCLOSED - 04/18/2014CLOSED
Agriculture & Consumer Protection Intern14-952-1$1,600.00AustinCLOSED - 04/18/2014CLOSED
Administrative Services Intern14-940-1$1,600.00AustinCLOSED - 04/18/2014CLOSED
Administrative Services Intern - Human Resources14-941-1$1,600.00AustinCLOSED - 04/18/2014CLOSED
Communications Intern14-915-1$1,600.00AustinCLOSED - 04/18/2014CLOSED
Financial Services Intern14-916-1$1,600.00AustinCLOSED - 04/18/2014CLOSED
Policy & External Relations Intern14-913-1R$1,600.00AustinCLOSED - 04/18/2014CLOSED
Policy Development Specialist14-520-1$3,950.00 - $4,400.00AustinCLOSED - 04/17/2014CLOSED
Revenue Processor14-70-1$3,021.00-$3,450.00Austin04/22/2014Open
Project Manager14-33-1$5,800.00Austin04/22/2014Open
Software Developer14-531-1$5,000.00-$5,300.00Austin04/22/2014Open
Administrative Assistant14-688-1$3,450.00 - $3,550.00Austin04/23/2014Open
Contract Technician14-743-1$2,750.00 - $2,900.00Austin05/02/2014Open
Grant Specialist14-503-1$3,765.00 - $4,050.00Austin05/06/2014Open
Regional Operations Intern14-931-1$1,600.00DallasCLOSED - 04/18/2014CLOSED
Agriculture and Consumer Protection Inspector14-456-2R$2,800.00 - $3,100.00Harris Co.05/06/2014Open
Regional Operations Intern14-948-1$1,600.00HoustonCLOSED - 04/18/2014CLOSED
Inspector14-104-1$2,850.00 - $3,100.00Howard Co.04/28/2014Open
Livestock Facility Technician14-443-1R$2,145.00 - $2,445.00LaredoUNTIL FILLEDOpen
Regional Operations Intern14-923-1$1,600.00LubbockCLOSED - 04/18/2014CLOSED
Regional Operations Intern14-949-1$1,600.00San AntonioCLOSED - 04/18/2014CLOSED
Regional Operations Intern14-927-1$1,600.00San JuanCLOSED - 04/18/2014CLOSED
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