Emergency Service Districts (ESDs)

ESDs are political subdivisions established by local voters for the purpose of raising money through ad valorem taxes on all real property located within the district. Some ESDs use sales taxes to help fund the district. The ad valorem and sales taxes support ESD services designed to protect life through the provision of emergency rescue and ambulance services. ESDs also protect property from fire through fire services.

SB 363 of the 78th Texas Legislative Session changed Health and Safety Codes 775 SECTION 9, Section 775.083 making the annual filing of ESD district information to TDA mandatory. Listed below is the required information districts must submit to TDA on or before January 1 of each year. 

District's name; Name of each county in which the district is located; District's business address; Name, mailing address, and term of office of each commissioner; Name, mailing address, and term of office of the district's general manager, executive director, and fire chief; Name of each legal counsel or other consultant for the district; and District's annual budget and tax rate for the preceding fiscal year.

Pursuant to the Health and Safety Codes 775 Section 775.083, below are the Annual Reports that were received by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

The ESD Operating Guide provides a summary of Emergency Services District policies and procedures.

For further information about Emergency Service Districts please contact:
SAFE-D, Texas State Association of Fire and Emergency Districts
Mr. Cliff Avery, Executive Director