Texas Water Proposition 6 Passes

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- Texas voters have backed a plan that would use $2 billion in reserve funds to help the state meet the future water needs of its booming population and economy.

Tuesday's ballot measure was widely expected to pass. It had the backing of environmental groups and most of the state's top elected officials, including Republican Gov. Rick Perry.

The measure amends the state constitution to move $2 billion from Texas' rainy day fund to its water infrastructure fund. The money would help defray the borrowing costs on large-scale water infrastructure projects, including creating reservoirs, laying new pipelines and replacing older ones.

The state estimates it will need $53 billion to implement a plan that would meet its water needs for the next 50 years.


-- Proposition 1: Provides property tax breaks to the spouses of military veterans killed in the line of duty. APPROVED.
-- Proposition 2: Eliminates requirements for a State Medical Education Board and a State Medical Education Fund, neither of which is operational. APPROVED.
-- Proposition 3: Extends tax exemptions for aircraft parts brought into the state for resale, APPROVED.
-- Proposition 4: Provides property tax exemptions for disabled military veterans and their spouses. APPROVED.
-- Proposition 5: Expands "reverse mortgage" lending. APPROVED.
-- Proposition 6: Authorizes the state to tap up to $2 billion from its savings account to create the State Water Infrastructure Fund. APPROVED.
-- Proposition 7: Allows the appointment of city leaders when an elected official resigns with less than a year left in office. APPROVED.
-- Proposition 8: Increases the taxing authority of a Hidalgo County hospital district. APPROVED.
-- Proposition 9: Expands the powers of the state commissioner on judicial conduct. APPROVED.



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