Weights & Measures Devices

A wide variety of devices are inspected by TDA. Devices range from fuel pumps at service stations and bulk meters used at airports to fuel planes to scales as small as those used by jewelers to those as large enough to weigh timber and coal transport vehicles. Liquefied petroleum gas meters used to fill small tanks for back yard grills and those used to fill storage tanks at businesses or homes are also inspected.

Businesses operating commercial gasoline, kerosene or diesel fuel pumps, scales, bulk meters and LPG meters, must register these devices with the Department annually.

Application Process
To register these devices, a company must submit an application, RWM-700, to the Department and pay the appropriate fees.

TDA Inspection
A business must prominently post the certificate of registration where it is in the consumers view.  If a device registration has been expired for more than one year, a new registration is required.

Consumer Information Stickers
The consumer information stickers must be affixed to fuel pumps and on or near a bulk meter, LPG meter, or scale.  Replacement stickers may be ordered for missing, faded, or damaged stickers.  To order stickers, submit an order form, RWM-707, to the department with the appropriate fees.
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