Help Your School Go Farm Fresh

Farm to school programs bring local foods to the school cafeteria and agricultural education to K-12 students, encouraging children to make healthy food choices and inspiring sustainable connections to local food, while helping to boost the local economy.

Parents and family members play a vital role in successful farm to school projects. Your involvement can help:

●     Increase the number of local products served in school meals

●     Incorporate classroom or garden-based education teaching students about food, health, agriculture and nutrition

With your help, the children in your community can access more healthy, local foods and build a foundation for lifelong, healthy lifestyles. TDA resources are available to guide your involvement -- whether your school has an existing program or needs help getting one off the ground.

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Making the Farm Fresh Choice Video
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Farm to School Planning Guide
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Produce Safety Begins with You. Wash Your Produce Before You Eat it.  Minimize  

Whether you buy your produce direct Image of washing melonfrom the farm, your local grocery store, farmers market or you harvest it from your own backyard, it is important to wash it before you eat it.

Texas farmers work hard to produce your food under the strict guidelines of the Food Safety Modernization Act’s Produce Safety Rule. Do your part at school, work and at home by washing produce before you eat it.

Why Wash?
Fruits and vegetables are grown in soil. Washing can ensure that all debris is removed before enjoyment.

Many hands have touched your food between harvest and eating. Washing helps to prevent the spread of food borne pathogens.

Remember, Texas Agriculture Matters! So clean it before you eat it, Texas!

Produce safety information card  Produce safety information card 

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Wash Your Produce – Vegetable Salad 

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Wash Your Produce – Fruit Salad 

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