Expanding 3E’S Nutrition Education Grant Program

Deadline:  received by TDA before close of business (5:00 p.m. CT) on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The objective of the Nutrition Education program is to increase awareness of the importance of good nutrition, especially for children, and to encourage children's health and well-being through education, exercise and eating right through two grant programs designed to promote better health and nutrition programs and prevent obesity among children in this state. 

The Expanding the 3E’s program funds nutrition education programs in public schools only.

Contact Information 
Denise Rodgers
Grant Coordinator
(512) 463-4406
2017 Application Materials
A. 2017 Request for Application - Submission Instructions - Only Pick ONE option below.

Option 1. ONLINE Application Form
A. Submission Link
B. GTBD-121 Application form

Option 2. and 3. Emailed or Mailed Version
A. GTBD-121 Application form

NOTE: See "A. Request for Application" above for the 3 options on submitting the 2017 Grants Application. TDA will not accept faxed materials.