Farm Fresh Fridays for Farmers and Ranchers
Join TDA's network of producers and distributors today! Our Farm Fresh Network provides school and childcare nutrition staff information regarding what you produce or sell, when it’s available and how far you are able to distribute it. All you need to do to join is to complete a profile on the  registration page.  

You may also watch this short video to learn more about how to register for TDA's Texas Farm Fresh Network.

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GO TEXAN Program Membership 
Let GO TEXAN help shine a spotlight on your company by giving buyers an easy way to identify you as a Texas business.

Nuevos Mercados Para su Cosecha
Esta historieta ilustrada trata de un nuevo mercado para los agricultores de pequeña escala. Explica como pueden vender sus productos a las instituciones locales, tal como hospitales, colegios de comunidad, universidades, escuelas, asilos de ancianos, centros comunitarios para adultos mayores, guarderías infantiles, prisiones, y cárceles.

This Spanish-language publication, developed by the National Center for Appropriate Technology, details strategies for farmers interested in marketing their products to local institutions such as schools, colleges, hospitals, retirement homes and day care centers.

Aquaculture Licensees
The Texas Department of Agriculture coordinates the licensing of aquaculture facilities and vehicles transporting live cultured species, in partnership with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Certified Organic Producers & Handlers
The mission of the Organic Program is to ensure the integrity of organic agriculture products produced and manufactured in Texas by providing certification services to Texas producers and agribusinesses.

As an accredited Certifying Agent by the USDA National Organic Program, the TDA Organic Certification Program has the authority to certify organic producers as well as processors, distributors and retailers of organic agricultural products.

Funding Opportunities Supporting Texas Agricultural Producers
Farmer with Fresh Produce Ag Loan Guarantee Program
Audience: Lenders and Agricultural Producers
This program helps applicants who desire to establish, enhance, or expand an agricultural operation by providing loan guarantees and interest rebates for agriculture-related business and ranching operations. The program is open to all agricultural enterprises and has open enrollment. 

Organic Cost Share Assistance
Audience: Organic Agricultural Producers
The Texas Department of Agriculture has a cooperative agreement with the United States Department of Agriculture to provide cost share assistance to producers, processors, distributors or other handlers of organic agricultural products. Texas-based organic producers and/or handlers are eligible to participate in the National Organic Certification Cost Share Program. Operations must possess current USDA organic certification to be eligible to receive reimbursements. 

Young Farmer Grants
Audience: Agricultural Producers
The program is designed to help young agricultural producers that are engaged in creating or expanding an agricultural business in Texas by providing financial assistance in the form of dollar-for-dollar matching. The main focus of the program is to grow and support Texas agriculture by helping producers meet financial needs that are otherwise not met. Grant awards range from $5,000 to $10,000. The program is offered twice per year.

Agriculture Surplus Grant
The agricultural surplus grant was established to provide surplus agricultural products to food banks and other charitable organizations that serve needy or low-income individuals. TDA awards grant funding to help offset the costs of harvesting, gleaning and transporting Texas products to Texas food banks. If you are a producer or rancher wanting to partner with the Feeding Texas, please contact Feeding Texas for more information, ssykes@feedingtexas.org.