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Award Gives Recognition for Outstanding Work completed by middle school, high school students  
Commissioner Staples Honors Adam Morton of Louise High School With ‘GROW’ Award
Award Gives Recognition for Outstanding Work completed by middle school, high school students  [More]
Commissioner Staples Calls on Lone Star Chefs to Go Local During 2013 GO TEXAN Restaurant Round-Up
Statewide dine-out week highlights local ingredients, benefits local food banks  [More]
Commissioner Staples Sends Letter to U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio Encouraging Changes to Senate Immigration Bill
“Texans understand the challenges of border security and immigration, and we have solutions to create a secure border and a workable immigration system.”  [More]
Commissioner Staples, Mayor Cook Stress Critical Need for Water Conservation in Wake of Ongoing Drought
Texas Water Smart initiative encourages conservation habits to avoid mandatory watering restrictions  [More]
Commissioner Staples Comments on New Bill to Expand E-Verify System to Strengthen U.S. Immigration Laws
E-verify bill compliments other House legislation to reform immigration  [More]
Commissioner Staples Comments on New Immigration Bill Filed in the U.S. House of Representatives
“Chairman Goodlatte’s proposal is a welcome departure from the overly bureaucratic, 20th century model that has failed our nation and created our current immigration crisis.  [More]
Commissioner Staples Joins President Obama, Governor Perry and Texans Across the State to Honor First Responders Who Died in the West Tragedy
"Their selfless heroism reminds the nation that Texans are defined by our actions, not by events."  [More]
City of West Recovering After Tragic Explosion
Commissioner Staples today traveled to West to survey damage and determine how the Texas Department of Agriculture can best assist the people of West as recovery efforts continue.  [More]
Commissioner Staples Issues Statement on New Immigration Plan Announced by ‘Gang of Eight’ U.S. Senators
“We need immigration reform and border security, but this is not it. We cannot use 20th century reasoning to solve 21st century problems."  [More]
Rio Grande Valley Suffers While Mexico Withholds Water
Commissioner Staples, Commissioner Rubinstein warn of devastating impact of federal government’s failure to act  [More]
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